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Performance Improvement

Easily access your employee performance data in order to execute business plan objectives. By providing each individual in the organization with their real-time performance data, you can empower employees and deliver personalized improvement roadmaps for short and long-term success.

Strategic & Long-Term Incentives

Utilize the Touchstone platform to create data dashboards and scorecards for individuals and groups throughout an enterprise or multi-channel organization. Managers can examine analytics that will show performance trends and identify top performers or groups, as well as individuals who require performance interventions. Your data and content is presented “one-to-one”, delivering the right amount of information to each individual based on their business role, goals, and current status of performance attainment.

Tactical & Short-Term Incentives

While strategic programs serve the long-term organizational objectives, sometimes short-term tactical programs are needed to help achieve specific, immediate business needs. With Touchstone’s Tactical Builder, managers can quickly and easily create and manage short-term programs, track employee progress and improvement, and incentivize individuals through rewards and recognition. These turnkey programs will motivate your sales and service teams to improve their performance while contributing to the overall goals of the organization.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Recognition at the peer level is one of the best ways to boost productivity internally. Empowering employees with the tools to recognize others and be recognized on-the-spot for a job well done lets them know their daily efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Research shows that employees who feel recognized are more apt to produce better results and remain loyal to the company.