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Why Recognition?

According to a recent study conducted by a global consulting firm, about 70% of surveyed employees do not feel recognized appropriately for their achievements in the workplace. While individuals are often acknowledged for their tenure or service, this only occurs annually and does not support ongoing engagement.

Engaged employees are simply more productive. On average, organizations with recognition programs perform 14% better in employee engagement, productivity, and customer service than those without.

Touchstone’s platform helps its global clients align, engage, and recognize their employees. In doing so, Touchstone's platform provides a company-wide, shared vision of success that enables everyone in the organization to collaborate, innovate, and excel.

Engage Employees For Success

Employee engagement is the key driver for business success. Our platform provides each individual in the organization with their real-time performance data and empowers employees with personalized improvement roadmaps for long-term success in areas like sales, safety & wellness, and customer satisfaction. With Touchstone’s platform, organizations have seen double-digit increases in employee engagement.

Improve Productivity & Increase Profitability

Research suggests that productivity in companies with recognition programs tends to be 14% higher than companies without established programs, and a 14% higher engagement correlates to a 2% uptick in operating margin. Touchstone’s recognition platform has been proven to drive engagement across the workforce, which in turn drives financial success in the organization.

Collaborate and Communicate Virtually

According to a recent McKinsey study, employees are spending over 65% of their days collaborating and communicating with one another. They are working in teams, parsing through emails, conversing in meetings, searching for experts, and procuring information. Given the collaborative nature of employee work-life, our platform provides the social media tools for employees to collaborate, create, and recognize one another for achievements in the workplace.

Retain Top Performers

Employee turnover is one of the most challenging problems that companies face, costing as much as 100% - 300% of the base salary of the replaced employee. For many Touchstone clients, reducing turnover is a major business plan objective that our platform is utilized to achieve. By implementing our platform, our clients have seen a decrease in voluntary turnover rates by as much as 30%.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

When your employees are happy and engaged, your customers are more satisfied. Touchstone clients use our platform to inspire employees to live the organization’s brands and values in everyday practice. Studies show that engaged employees with a strong understanding of company values positively impact customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer loyalty.